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  1. Eshu Manndusa

    Eshu Manndusa11 hours ago

    Ok so I kinda looooove this interview the Titans the Gods of movie biz at mount Olympus discussing the world of cinema

  2. Rhian Hegarty

    Rhian Hegarty11 hours ago

    Who cares tbh.... anyone who has a heart felt the same way, the right way. Justice for George but another life lost and even since him still have lost their lives and may continue losing their lives as long as gun rules, police rules and rural community police laws continue. #Justiceforoneforallforever

  3. master j

    master j12 hours ago

    All Illuminati puppets

  4. Meli Kertesz

    Meli Kertesz12 hours ago

    Can’t wait!

  5. Louisa Louisa

    Louisa Louisa12 hours ago


  6. Brian Morris

    Brian Morris12 hours ago

    a million small films can pay a service provider more that ten supreme movie makers..... so the provider would be dumb to be so selective!

  7. sweetra07

    sweetra0712 hours ago

    Why is everything about the devil these days?

  8. Sahara8myself

    Sahara8myself12 hours ago


  9. Black Eyes

    Black Eyes13 hours ago

    Jodie 😘

  10. denizio ribeiro

    denizio ribeiro13 hours ago

    Eu amo essa franquia 👏

  11. Mark Callaghan

    Mark Callaghan13 hours ago

    I don’t understand why she was jailed at all

  12. Lainie Medina

    Lainie Medina13 hours ago

    Seriously what's THR obsession with Marty's input on Superheroes?! Like, Jesus Christ get over it! Were they gonna ask everyone about that?! Damn.

  13. ᛋᛒᛖ‍ᚱᚫᛞᚻᛏ

    ᛋᛒᛖ‍ᚱᚫᛞᚻᛏ13 hours ago

    So basically: In other news, John Rodrick tells his millionth dad joke. Got it.

  14. Ali Sher Minhas

    Ali Sher Minhas14 hours ago

    How does this woman keep getting younger

  15. Amalie Daliv

    Amalie Daliv14 hours ago


  16. KittyLazyBeamz

    KittyLazyBeamz14 hours ago

    breaking bad wasnt on netflix until it was finished and was massive before netflix. Same as walking dead sons of anarchy game of thrones, people watch amc hbo for the quality. The internet is the only difference between the past and now. If Elvis said something was cool kids believed it not just jayden smith what? In the past people watched more tv as there was no internet. There were no cell phones so people talked to each other in person more that was the information medium word of mouth before the internet.

  17. Jennifer Ashley

    Jennifer Ashley14 hours ago

    Thank you, had no idea.

  18. Robert Hustwick

    Robert Hustwick14 hours ago

    I wonder if the script for the aborted movie is online somewhere. It would be interesting to read.

  19. R L Jones

    R L Jones14 hours ago


  20. MultiGreenG

    MultiGreenG15 hours ago

    Natasha's voice is so soothing to me.

  21. Henrietta Boyce

    Henrietta Boyce15 hours ago

    Oprah, I Love Art But, There Is Still A Big Difference Between Art And Prayer. Ladies You Are All Wonderful.

  22. Eric N

    Eric N15 hours ago

    Tallest roundtable to date!

  23. cdwadams

    cdwadams15 hours ago

    Ummmm, what's this gotta do with Hollywood Guys? Ew

  24. chanell

    chanell15 hours ago

    i've always said kate could play dorothy in a reimagined 'wizard of oz' movie. she has the look AND talent to do so.

  25. Niki Bechus

    Niki Bechus15 hours ago

    John Oliver seems to be pretty off the mark on this issue or is he one of the woke journalists who will only report the left side of the story. Sorry mate you looked rather stupid with your take on the situation - BIG FAIL.

  26. Luan Rodrigues

    Luan Rodrigues15 hours ago

    O tought that was Reese Whiterspon

  27. Suman Das

    Suman Das15 hours ago

    Wow 😍😍😍nice 👌🏻

  28. Cape Fox

    Cape Fox16 hours ago

    Even though he's Belgian he doesn't waffle.

  29. Raad Raad Raad

    Raad Raad Raad16 hours ago

    Angelina Jolie group's actors and directors that is what I love in you Angelina Jolie very simple very flexible Yong intelligent lady I absolutely love it 999k times 999k like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

  30. Amanda Wilcox

    Amanda Wilcox16 hours ago

    Hope they tell the truth about the surrogacy

  31. Raad Raad Raad

    Raad Raad Raad16 hours ago

    Hollywood reporters Claire Danes julianna drama actress rounds the tables incredibly stunning chatting happy hours I absolutely love it 600k times 600k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * every one of you congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

  32. Hirakli

    Hirakli16 hours ago

    I love you guys)))) You've been a part of my childhood)))

  33. Salvage Monster

    Salvage Monster16 hours ago

    I wanted to click on this video to see three of the biggest egotistical Idiots Hollywood had to offer

  34. Henrietta Boyce

    Henrietta Boyce17 hours ago

    Nice Dialogue Ladies, Love You Regina King, Thumbs Up, Thanks.

  35. Bidya Thakur

    Bidya Thakur17 hours ago

    Yeah..I just graduated from film school at the end of the video 🙌🙌🙌

  36. Sally Branson

    Sally Branson17 hours ago

    Yes they tried a how I met your father already. It didn't work. It failed because the idea wasn't new and been done before. Wasn't Hilary duff supposed to do a lizzie mcguire reboot? I read that she's a bad actress. She kept getting replaced for roles. She got lizzie mcguire because of the stand out outfits. We'll see what happens.

  37. sun dancer

    sun dancer17 hours ago

    Go KIM!!! We support you!!!!!!!!

  38. Kai Geddes

    Kai Geddes18 hours ago

    This must have been challenging for The Round Table interviewer to go about asking questions with one of the greatest interviewers who has ever lived.

  39. person 1

    person 118 hours ago

    What a cultic and myopic deification of a highly flawed family. Meghan was scapegoated and gaslighted by the media with the silence and complicity of The Firm.

  40. Raad Raad Raad

    Raad Raad Raad18 hours ago

    Emilia thank you so very much for your beauty shows beeng with us on Google international USloft by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

  41. Raad Raad Raad

    Raad Raad Raad18 hours ago

    The groups of fun comidians incredibly stunning personality girls I do love you too 600k times 600k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

  42. Ignacio A

    Ignacio A18 hours ago

    Apparently, winners are selected by the color of their skin, proportional to the number of awards...

  43. Raad Raad Raad

    Raad Raad Raad18 hours ago

    Hollywood reporters Claire Danes julianna drama actress rounds the tables incredibly stunning chatting meeting happy hours girls I love you all 600k times 600k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * every one of you congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

  44. Randolph Morgan

    Randolph Morgan19 hours ago

    This is great but sometimes the host tries to jump in a lil too much and should just let everything flow a little longer

  45. Bongo Sinema - 2021 Latest African Swahili movies

    Bongo Sinema - 2021 Latest African Swahili movies19 hours ago

    The competition at this table tho

  46. Son of Martha

    Son of Martha19 hours ago

    Wasted my time on HIMYM. I really really enjoyed the series so much just to be disappointed in the ending. The whole series had a goal. Had story to tell unlike friends and it struck the landing with christian milioti and the writing. But they ruined it with last episode. Can you imagine killing your show in the last episode in the last minute?

  47. S Truth

    S Truth20 hours ago

    Ugly Betty reboot please America ferrera 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Matshadi

    Matshadi20 hours ago

    Why aren't you in black Brie?

  49. Neiltrons

    Neiltrons20 hours ago

    I don’t think I can wait another 50 years to see who it is.

  50. Shubham Raulo

    Shubham Raulo20 hours ago

    I hope they cast Neil Patrick Harris

  51. Sam Owens

    Sam Owens20 hours ago

    The only thing that would make this roundtable perfect if that reporter would go poop himself

  52. Alejo Paredes

    Alejo Paredes21 hour ago

    One minute in and Phillips is already interrupting Scorsese, smh

  53. Christopher Duitsman

    Christopher Duitsman21 hour ago

    Why when they spoke about sexualizing, demonizing and not rallying to support a woman did I think of Britney Spears?

  54. Kai Geddes

    Kai Geddes21 hour ago

    I knew about HELA from school--but, I didn't know who it was from and how it was collected.

  55. Harshita Datla

    Harshita Datla22 hours ago


  56. Joalice Martinez

    Joalice Martinez22 hours ago

    That’s a horrible interview! Oprah and them were bad really bad. Oprah reaction was so fake and so was Megan.

  57. Bonghune Zhou

    Bonghune Zhou22 hours ago

    The fact that Corden acknowledged that Americans (by and large) do not care means he should not have used the finite airtime of the show, one that is targeted to US audiences, to "rant" about the currently troubled ESL. After all, he could have written an opinion-editorial for the LA Times, Variety, or a UK broadsheet or tabloid (FTR, I do not necessarily disagree with his view on the merits) ~

  58. Shuujuu Yakamoto

    Shuujuu Yakamoto23 hours ago

    Don Cheadle felt angry the whole time lol jim of course trying to expose hollywood and everyone else trying to maintain their roles lol

  59. Nico Wadham

    Nico Wadham23 hours ago

    The look of Natalie Portman when the idiot interrupts her at 36:50

  60. Abra Rosen

    Abra Rosen23 hours ago

    This kinda ruined Drew for me.

  61. Fay Wallace

    Fay WallaceDay ago

    💕❤️💯🍿🥤🎥🎞️🎬I can't wait, my husband and I watch the series over and over along with the movie.. We always say they need to do another movie..I can't wait to tell him they heard us talking 😉❤️



    Truth doesn't have a side.. there are 2 kinds truth. personal truth and objective truth. political opinion is personal truth, objective truth isnt opinion. its like how people say "literally" no matter if its literal. I hate how FACT has become opinion and tribalism. no matter what side you are on, you know deep down that the word truth has been corrupted.



    we all know the history of america, but the best part about america is the peoples ability to change what is what is allowed. and yes, there will always be a big pushback to change, but big props to Will for that. you can hate on america all you want, but its truly the best place on earth in regards to how bad the rest of the world. focus on the bad all you want, but you cant deny what is possible in america. there is a reason all the immigrants come here, and i hate how we've gotten comfortable saying "we are full" and denying the dreams of others. GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

  64. Miranda Pontarelli

    Miranda PontarelliDay ago

    Who asked for this?



    honestly, not surprised ive never heard of the movie Concussion. NFL works hard to drown out anything that speaks against them. at least UFC works to try to help their athletes....

  66. Coach C

    Coach CDay ago

    no, just no.

  67. beingme

    beingmeDay ago

    MM got to the palace & realised it was not a studio to act out. She must have been dreaming to think she would get her mits on all those crown jewels.



    how tf Michael Caine isnt in the title?!?! eeehhhh, fck it. i never allow others to impede upon my enjoyment, i just cant believe they didnt put his name in the title!! it is what it is though, they have to put mark ruffalo for the mass appeal.

  69. Jorge Luis Rojas

    Jorge Luis RojasDay ago

    Can't wait for nothing to matter in the end

  70. PotatoBoi

    PotatoBoiDay ago

    No show can replace HIMYM. They will fail so hard


    LISA MARIEDay ago

    All talented Actors!

  72. Day ago

    why does everyone hate her just because she is black!!!! If she was white everyone would love her. plus everyone is just racist against her because she is a women.

  73. Abdul Ali

    Abdul AliDay ago

    Mia is lovely kind & caring mother & person 🌻🌈🎶🌄

  74. Joe C

    Joe CDay ago

    Its Ryan Gosling either hard of hearing or unaccustomed to English accents for me 😂. I dont think he picked up a single question or remark first time around from the English interviewer 😂

  75. Crashburn 32

    Crashburn 32Day ago

    Oldman, DaFoe and Rockwell speaking about acting, for me, is gold. And you have Hanks too.

  76. Vaughn-Rian St. James

    Vaughn-Rian St. JamesDay ago

    By far best Roundtable ever

  77. Laura Bootsch

    Laura BootschDay ago

    Sacha're so fine,you're so fine, you're on my mind...🔥and his Akzent....🥵



    when they start roasting each others impressions 😂😂



    50:49 Peele's Texas accent is A+ 😂



    Peele has the best smile i swear.